Being a representative

As anyone who has experienced a systemic constellation will know, being a representative – someone who represents a person or other part of a system – can be a profound learning experience in and of itself. The facilitated workshop experience allows representatives to tap into embodied knowledge, the tacit information held within the system being illuminated, and to express it in a way that’s useful for the client.

All our workshops require representatives and we select them from our pool of registered coaches, all of whom have trained with Coaching Constellations and are invited to participate on an individual basis. To ensure complete personal and commercial confidentiality for the commissioning client the representatives are invited to confirm that there are no conflicts of interest when working with the organisation bringing the issues. This ensures that the representatives are as neutral as is possible, with no substantial knowledge of the commissioning client’s business until the day itself when a short briefing takes place, and in which only limited information is shared. The great benefit of this is that the representatives have to rely on their somatic, embodied experience during the constellations, thus ensuring a rich stream of fresh information for the client. Information that is free from projections, ideas, stories and judgements.

At the end of the session the representatives are given time to assimilate and integrate their experiences and take the generic learnings about systems, leadership and organisations into their lives and work. A CPD certificate is given to all participants.

Register to be a representative

You can register your interest to attend workshops (commissioned or introductory) as a representative if you have trained to at least Essentials level with Coaching Constellations.

Representatives for commissioned workshops
Following each briefing we will contact a selection of registered representatives, ensuring a gender and age mix for each workshop. Business Constellations will provide lunch or a cash ‘per diem’, together with a CPD certificate at the end of the workshop. Every participant is also required to sign a binding NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at each workshop.

Representatives for introductory workshops
We will invite coaches who have registered an interest in being a representative to each introductory workshop, giving priority to those who bring a guest client, then to those who have not yet had a chance to attend, then all others. Whether clients are present or not, a confidentiality agreement will be made at each workshop. Expenses are not paid but a CPD certificate will be issued to all those who attend.

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