…for team performance & vitality

Thursday March 12th 2020

Location, location, location

Welcome to this discovery workshop in the quietest square in the heart of London.

Step back from the complexity of the systems you lead or influence and get distance then insight into the larger forces at play.

Gather for a light breakfast from 09:30 and we begin at 10:00. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided and the workshop will end at 17:00.

The Clubhouse, 8 St. James’s Square

London, SW1Y 4JU

The workshop will be facilitated by Elaine Grix, John Sutherland and John Whittington.

The balance of exchange

We offer these Discovery Workshops to provide a meaningful introduction to this way of looking at and working with what supports flow in leadership, teams and organisational systems.

In exchange for the experience and the modest fee we ask that you share some feedback on an early draft of the book that you will be sent after the workshop. Thank you.

A circle of leaders, consultants and influencers from around the corner and across the world.

A facilitated day, held in a confidential setting with non-compete businesses.

Chatham House, just next door, rules apply.