Leading with the System in Mind

Our biannual Discovery Workshop

Friday October 25th, 2019

The Frame for this Workshop

We live, we work and we lead within three relational fields, each with it’s own unique rules and hidden dynamics:
THREE The larger systems we are all held within: social, economic, political, regulatory and environmental.
TWO The relational fields between us as human beings at work, in business.
ONE Our own inner field, our inner team.

The way we include or ignore the innate organising forces within these overlapping fields makes a profound difference to the performance of a business, the leadership and the health and vitality of the whole organisation.

“I usually look at where the business is going. Here I looked at where the business actually is. Memorable and very, very useful.”

Thomas N, senior leader

Engineering industry

Inside Out

If you are responsible for catalysing the conditions in which individuals, teams and whole organisational ecosystems can thrive, then this workshop is designed to both engage, inform and resource you.

You will get fresh and applicable insights and perspectives into your business and the key individuals and teams you lead or influence.

The day offers you a deep dive into the hidden forces that impact organisational systems and will enable you to create the conditions for flow within them.

Bring your biggest questions

Bring the key challenges and questions connected to the leadership, growth, transformation or sustainability you or your organisation face.

Participation offers opportunities to:

  • See what really needs attention and resolve apparently intractable issues, conflict or inertia
  • Gain understanding of the importance of the cycle of joining, belonging and leaving
  • See the elements that nourish your organisation as well as the limiting repeating patterns and how to soften them
  • Reflect on your strategy, see alternative options come to life and look at what to do first and next
  • Illuminate existential and practical challenges whilst also clarifying your relationship to strategy, to innovation, to sustainability and to yourself
  • Take away fresh insights and informed actions

Get away from it all for a day, yet become more deeply connected to what really matters for you and the organisational system you lead or influence.

Can’t make this one? The next is on March 12th 2020.  

Outside In

Leaders and the key influencers of significant businesses have to have their focus both within and without. The pressure is on to perform, to influence and to lead. You must do all that and more whilst taking your responsibility for the impact your business has in the world. Business partners and customers want more than just your product or service.

You must be looking in both directions at the same time and that requires a view of the whole system. This workshop is designed to offer you that view.

Who is facilitating this workshop?

The workshop is facilitated by three professionals who share a ‘whole system’ frame, the methodology of systemic constellations and have strong track records of success, delivering business value for their international clients.

The combination of experience and knowledge of system dynamics offers a unique resource for participants and you can read more about the facilitators below.

To register

You are welcome to reserve a place here. We fill our workshops on a strictly ‘first come first served’ basis and will have a maximum of 12 participants.

Fees for this workshop are at individual discretion, after the workshop. As a guide we invite you to consider a range of between £250 and £2,500.

This workshop, held in St. James’s, Central London, will leave you with fresh insights, but also build a bridge between the systemic intelligence that emerges and your resourcefulness, decision making and potency.

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John Sutherland

John is a leadership team consultant and coach and a pioneer of management team due diligence, for the investment sector.

He has reviewed over 300 teams in more than 20 countries and as a result has extensive benchmark information about teamwork requirements by sector, stage of growth and strategy.

He incorporates a clear focus on team work in the leadership programmes he runs and has over twenty years experience of providing senior team development.

As a systemic practitioner the heart of John’s work with teams is imbued by systemic principles and practices, looking at both the patterns across the whole life of a team and the ‘inner team’ of each individual team member.

Connect with John on LinkedIn here.




Elaine Grix

Elaine is a team and leadership development coach and facilitator, who provides consultancy to internationally recognised brands. Her clients span the Retail, Financial Services, FMCG, Education and Transport sectors. She frequently works with businesses in turnaround or rapid growth.

Elaine works with the executive and leadership teams at multiple levels within organisations to explore their purpose, understand the business context and culture so she can design and deliver team and coaching programmes, which support sustainable success.

Elaine’s formative experience came through leading large teams in a commercial and operational context. She is passionate about unlocking the hidden potential within individuals, teams and organisations and uses the systemic stance, principles and practices as key enablers for her work.

Connect with Elaine on LinekdIn here.

John Whittington

John is a leadership and team coach, constellations facilitator and trainer of systemic coaching. He supports individuals, teams and whole businesses to establish a clear sense of themselves and their place in their relationship systems.

John works across the private and corporate sector. His portfolio of clients is made up of individuals and senior teams from within the professional services, fashion, engineering, television, pharmaceutical, banking, retail and media industries.

As a result of his first book ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ he is invited to facilitate trainings and workshops for leaders, coaches and consultants worldwide. John is the founder of Business Constellations Ltd – a business committed to enabling the creation of the conditions for organisational health and vitality to emerge and endure.

Connect with John on LinkedIn here.