‘Leading with the System in Mind’ workshops

Bespoke workshops facilitated for in-house leadership communities

“This exceeded my expectations. Excellent, thought provoking and really stretched my thinking.”

VP Organisational Development

“Sensitive, safe and very respectful, John’s knowledge is embodied and doesn’t fill the room”

“The constellation touched simple truths that lay hidden and were holding us back”

“A rich day of experiential learning. Thank you.”

What is ‘Leading with the System in Mind’?

A healthy organisational system is one in which everyone knows they have an equally safe and respected place, their skills and contributions are acknowledged, seen and included. It’s where the contribution of those who have left are remembered in a particular way; a way that allows those who remain to flourish. There is a balance of giving and receiving that limits stress and burnout and an appropriate distribution of work. People want to stay and bring their best selves to their role. There is flow and people work with clarity and ease when organisational health is present. This level of organisational vitality is achieved by leaders who understand the importance of systems and leading with the hidden dynamics of systems in mind.

In-house workshops

Our in-house workshops are designed to provide an experiential introduction to the underpinning principles of systemic leadership, organisational health and the application of systemic thinking and constellations in organisational life. The workshop appeal to those who would like to experience a different way of looking at and working with organisational challenges and support flow and ease in organisational relationship systems. You may simply want to experience the benefits at first hand, taking part in the experiential exercises offered,  or be interested to find out how this perspective and methodology can be applied in leadership and organisational development around very specific issues.

What happens in a workshop?

The group form a confidentiality agreement and are then offered exercises that allow everyone to experience the balancing forces of healthy systems in a respectful and safe way.  John also facilitates group constellations for people who bring specific issues and offers further exercises and explanations depending on the areas of interest in the group. In several different ways participants can explore current issues, dilemmas and challenges that affect them. The day also usually includes opportunities to learn about:

  • The principles of healthy organisational systems
  • The invisible dynamics that sustain or limit systems
  • The secrets of healthy ‘joinings and leavings’
  • Ways of honouring and letting go of the past
  • Ways of healing systems following mergers and acquisitions
  • Ways of facing into the unknown future

What issues can I bring?

Participants are welcome to bring any issues and questions and do so as they arise in the moment. The following is only a brief guide to the kinds of issues which participants have brought and found this approach illuminated and clarified:

  • Inertia and ‘stuckness’ of all kinds
  • Teams and team dynamics
  • Repeating patterns that limit flow
  • Matrix reporting challenges
  • Leadership and ‘followship’
  • Roots of and resolutions for stress and burnout
  • Cultural diversity in systems
  • Clarity of purpose
  • The role and place of ethics and values
  • Structural and reporting challenges
  • Relationship to ‘internal customer’ systems
  • Cultural change

What is a constellation?

A constellation is a facilitated spatial process that begins with the creation of a three-dimensional ‘living map’, a map of what is. This dynamic map is made up of workshop participants who stand in relationship to each other. The facilitator then works with the constellation to illuminate the hidden dynamics behind the issue and realign the system so that what’s required to allow it to flow with ease is revealed. Constellations illuminate the relational space, the hidden architecture in systems and are used by practitioners worldwide to support the flow of life and relationship in multiple personal, social and organisational systems.

Where can I find out more about John?

You are welcome to explore the Coaching Constellations website which provides information on the facilitator, John Whittington. You can also see John’s wider mix of work and application of constellations on his personal website here.

“Unbelievably powerful. Your work will be much richer for this.”

Director, Organisational Effectiveness

Introductory workshops

Alongside John’s work within organisations he is often invited to facilitate introductory workshops. These offer an experiential introduction to this methodology across a broad spectrum of life, intimate relationships and leadership issues. If you would like to read more or attend an introductory workshop please see the diary page on our sister site.