Welcome from founder, John Whittington

The Business Constellations offer emerged naturally out of my experience as a leader and then the leadership and organisational coaching practice I built over fifteen years. I could see that the insights available from the systemic perspective and methodology gave leaders facing challenges at the professional and/or organisational level meaningful solutions and enduring change. From direct experience in multiple contexts I knew I could trust systemic constellations to offer leaders a way of looking and learning that’s simply not available elsewhere.

As Albert Einstein famously said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”. Access to the intuitive mind, to our non-cognitive knowing, is available through the simple, elegant process that business constellations offer. They access embodied, tacit information – the geography and the geology – and show the real blocks and hidden resources in the system. Held just out of conscious awareness, these hidden dynamics show what supports and limits the flow of leadership in contemporary organisational life.

John-BusCoWhen the source of the issue or solution is not clear, where previous attempts to change have not endured or where there is a sense of stuckness, business constellations provide insight and clear direction. The workshops, trainings, coaching and facilitated learning programmes offer a fresh lens for looking at organisational change, the communication of that change and the impact on the system. Leaders looking to create ‘followship’, change culture, enter or exit a system,  prepare for a difficult transition or resolve dynamics that limit movement into the future find the approach a refreshing release from confusion, dilemma or inertia.

I look forward to hearing about the challenges you face as an individual and as an organisational leader and to guiding you through this practical but profound process whether you commission a company-wide programme, a workshop, a team development process, training for your in-house community or leadership development coaching for yourself. For a little more on my work with CEOs, senior teams and large group interventions, see here.

John Sutherland

 John is a leadership team consultant and coach and a pioneer of management team due diligence, for the investment sector.

He has reviewed over 300 teams in more than 20 countries and as a result has extensive benchmark information about teamwork requirements by sector, stage of growth and strategy.

He incorporates a clear focus on team work in the leadership programmes he runs and has over twenty years experience of providing senior team development.

As a systemic practitioner the heart of John’s work with teams is imbued by systemic principles and practices, looking at both the patterns across the whole life of a team and the ‘inner team’ of each individual team member.

Elaine Grix

Elaine is a team and leadership development coach and facilitator, who provides consultancy to internationally recognised brands. Her clients span the Retail, Financial Services, FMCG, Education and Transport sectors. She frequently works with businesses in turnaround or rapid growth.

Elaine works with the executive and leadership teams at multiple levels within organisations to explore their purpose, understand the business context and culture so she can design and deliver team and coaching programmes, which support sustainable success.

Elaine’s formative experience came through leading large teams in a commercial and operational context. She is passionate about unlocking the hidden potential within individuals, teams and organisations and uses the systemic stance, principles and practices as key enablers for her work.