Creating the Conditions
for Organisational Vitality

The flow of leadership and organisational health

Business Constellations Ltd. is an organisational development partnership designed to catalyse the flow of leadership and organisational vitality through workshops, writing, open programmes, executive education, coaching and other systemic interventions.

We support individual, team and whole system development by facilitating understanding and insights informed by the organising principles of healthy systems. Everything we offer is both practical and applicable and designed to support the emergence of systemic leadership and flow in organisational life. The interplay between the principles combines with particular ways of attending to the cycle of joining, belonging and leaving to create a unique offer in the field of contemporary organisational development. We offer our perspectives and practical processes in a number of different contexts:

Discovery Workshops

Workshops for executive directors, leaders and owners.

Leadership Discovery

Working with senior leaders starts with a voyage of discovery.

L&OD Communities

For communities of learning and organisational development.

Coaching and Training

In-house training in systemic coaching.

Business Schools

Executive Education
and bespoke programmes.

“I was struck by the power of this experience. Implicit knowledge did indeed become visible, tangible. Extraordinarily useful for the senior team.”

Chief People Officer, global fashion business

“Unbelievably powerful. My leadership will be much richer for the insights.”

Team leader, global medical company

Discovery Workshops

Most of our work is behind closed doors, commissioned by clients across Europe and the world. However we also offer three open ‘Discovery workshops’ a year. These are designed to introduce the systemic principles and practices to senior leaders, team leaders, business owners and executive directors who are seeking to support the flow of leadership and organisational vitality in their system.

Bring your organisational, team and leadership challenges and return with fresh clarity and direction.

The next Discovery workshop will be in 2021 and when we can be back in the room. 

The workshops are suitable for individuals who lead an organisation, a team or are responsible for organisational change and development. 

“Prepare to be inspired”

Liz Hall
Managing Director
Publishing sector

Leadership discovery

Before you begin a longer process of consulting and development we recommend beginning at the start.

Our approach to leadership and organisational development sets us apart because we combine the philosophy, principles and practices that enable and support organisational health and the methodology of constellations to illuminate what is going on, and where to start. As a result, the complexity of contemporary organisational life becomes clear and the hidden dynamics, loyalties and resources reveal themselves; in your organisational system and all the other key relationship systems with which it interacts.  

So, if you would like fresh insights into the hidden architecture of the organisation you lead, invest in or are partnering with, we can guarantee that in one single-day workshop you will get more than you currently imagine possible.

Think of this workshop not just as a deep dive to get real clarity on where to start and how to make the most difference, but also as a kind of systemic due-diligence that will lead to clarity of thought and actions as well as really resourcing your leadership.

These business constellation workshops are different to the open ‘Discovery Workshops’ described above in that you and your business are the only client and we offer follow up consulting or coaching if and as required.

“There is ‘before’ and there is ‘after’ this workshop. Useful, clarifying and now we know where to begin.”

Paul G and Elouise W

European Telecoms Company

L&OD Communities

We work with L&OD leaders and communities to introduce and integrate the understanding and practical applications of this approach into your professional practice.

Our work enables and resources L&OD professionals to integrate the systemic perspective and methodology into their work and add another dimension to their interventions. 

This is one of the ways that we deliver on our intention to build systemic health into organisational life, teams and leadership. 

“Our OD community has built a deep level of systemic awareness and has strengthened its business impact as a result of the workshops.”

Anette de Bruijn
Senior L&OD Partner
F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Business Schools

We work with business schools in a number of ways. Whether it’s as part of their executive education programmes, their post graduate Masters in behavioural change or alumni development programmes.

Recent assignments include:

  • Introducing the essentials of systemic coaching and constellations to students on the MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural change at Henley Business School, Reading University, UK.
  • Introducing senior leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to the principles and practices of business constellations on a leadership development programme at Said Business School, Oxford, UK.

Please note that our next open masterclass – ‘Mapping your Leadership Authority’ – within an Executive Education context is here.

“This perspective and methodology brings deep and wordless resolution to stuck individuals, teams and organisations.  Flow returns.”

Chris Dalton
Learning expert and Associate Professor at Henley Business School

  • Training the community of in-house and independent coaches and OD professionals in systemic thinking and interventions for Vlerick Business School, Brussels, Belgium
  • The creation and facilitation of ‘The Integrated Leader‘ programme for Henley Business School Finland. Delivered in Helsinki and the UK.

We welcome invitations from Business Schools around the world. 

In-house training

We provide bespoke in-house trainings for internal leadership and coach communities who wish to build deeper insights into the invisible dynamics that resource or limit individuals, teams and whole organisational systems. Trainings which support internal leaders, managers and coaches to work in fresh and very practical ways with each other, their clients, teams and wider business communities.

Our sister company Coaching Constellations offers trainings to independent coaches in London and by invitation worldwide.

“This training has given me confidence to embed the systemic approach.”

Ori Wiener, Frankfurt, Germany

“This training offers a clear process to work with complex issues.“

Alison Hogan, Leadership coach, board and team dynamics, UK

Whether your interest is in commissioning or attending a workshop as an issue holder you are welcome to browse this site and contact us when you have questions or are ready for more.